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Efficient Boilers in Kingston, Trenton and Surrounding Areas for Home Heating

Did you know that central boilers capture more heat than other heating methods, don’t require air filters, and can save your money?

Is a boiler a better home heating option than a furnace? Central boilers are an efficient way to heat your home. They use water instead of air, so they don’t spread allergens and dust through your home. They also don’t produce the by-products that furnaces do, like carbon dioxide and water vapor. Let Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling provide you with a high-quality central boiler.

  • We’ll tell you if your home can support a boiler
  • Choose from a wide variety of boiler models
  • Get the best installation and excellent maintenance plans
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At Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling we understand that replacing your home heating system is a top priority, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have the cash on-hand. We offer financing, so you can get a high efficiency boiler, lower your utility costs, and make reasonable monthly payments. Plus, our financing can include one of our maintenance plans, if you’d like.

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How Do Central Boilers Work?

Traditional furnaces heat air, and force that air through your home in a duct system. The heat is dispersed, and the furnace creates water vapor and carbon dioxide. The furnace collects the water and vents the carbon dioxide out a chimney through your roof or the side of your home. However, some heat loss occurs when the heat leaves the home with that exhaust.

A boiler has the advantage of being a closed system. It heats up water, and circulates that water throughout the home, sometimes to radiators, from which the heat radiates into the home. None of that water has to be released as exhaust, so boilers don’t lose as much heat as furnaces.

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Boiler Maintenance

To get the most out of your boiler, it’s wise to have it maintained regularly. We can ensure your boiler is in good working order and fix small issues before they become large problems. Boilers that are regularly maintained will be more efficient and have a longer life. Why choose Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling for boiler maintenance?

  • Our team is always reliable and on-time
  • We have expert knowledge and use it to save you money
  • We’ll let you know if it’s more cost-effective to replace or repair your boiler

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A Tradition of Excellence

Every member of the Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling team is dedicated to offering you professional, expert service. We’ve been providing homeowners with HVAC solutions since 1978. If you need a new boiler, or boiler repair in Kingston, Trenton or the surrounding areas reach out to us.

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